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created on Aug-30-2008

The Watch – Trailer

Production: The Watch Director: Craig Viveiros, Brian Kelly, Emma Sullivan

Vagrant Queen – Trailer

Production: Vagrant Queen Director: Jem Gerrard

Naughts + Crosses – Trailer

Production: Naughts and Crosses Director: Julian Holmes and Koby Adom

Life’s a Drag – Trailer

Production: Life's A Drag Director: Kate D'Hotman

Good Omens – Trailer

Production: Good Omens Director: Douglas Mackinnon

Samson – Trailer

Production: Samson Director: Bruce Macdonald

Troy: Fall of a City – Trailer

Production: Troy - Fall of a City Director: Mark Brozel, David Farr

Empire of the Sharks – Trailer

Production: Empire of the Sharks Director: Mark Atkins

The Dark Tower – Trailer

Production: The Dark Tower Director: Nikolaj Arcel

Hooten & The Lady – Trailer

Production: Hooten & The Lady Director: Colin Teague

Cape Town – Trailer

capetownposter Production: Cape Town Director: Peter Ladkani

A Ryan Kruger thing

Cape Town director Ryan Kruger has consistently blown me away with his eye for filmmaking. Mainly a music video director, Ryan has been branching out into short films and scenes. This is a little gangster scene he asked me to be a part of.

Dwain and Hendry

The Dwain & Hendry story started some years ago as a play called "Bench", written by Brent Palmer (Hendry). I was lucky enough to catch it twice. Brent and Adrian Collins (Dwain) blew me away with their performances. And Brent's tight, hysterical, poignant, brilliant script is something to be experienced. The play was then adapted to a short film called Picture Perfect Heist which won the SAFTA for best short in 2015. Last year, Brent approached me to guest on a new web series that he was creating with the folks at Bench Films (no relation). To say I was flattered would be an understatement. I was thrilled and so honoured to be asked to be part of the story of these two... well, idiots, really, is the only way to describe Dwain & Hendry. You can catch (and subscribe to) the rest of the series here: The Bench Channel

Lea To The Rescue – Trailer

leatotherescueposter Production: American Girl: Lea To The Rescue Director: Nadia Tass

Buurtwag – Trailer

BuurtwagPoster Production: Buurtwag Writer/Director: Beer Adriaanse

Jamillah & Aladdin Title Sequence

As the premiere of CBBC/CBeebies and Kindle Entertainment's fantastic new children's series, Jamillah & Aladdin swiftly approaches, the title sequence has gone up. Put together by The Refinery:

Other Jamillah & Aladdin News

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  • Jamillah & Aladdin Title Sequence
  • Jamillah & Aladdin
  • Of Kings & Prophets – trailer

      Production: Of Kings & Prophets Director: Jeffrey Nachmanoff

    Momentum – trailer

    momentum_poster Production: Momentum Director: Stephen Campenelli

    Northmen – trailer

    Production: Northmen: A Viking Saga Director: Claudio Fäh

    Black Sails – trailer

    Production: Black Sails Director: Neil Marshall