Macaroni With Extra Cheese

created on Mar-23-2009
The Beardless Wonder

The Beardless Wonder

2009 started wonderfully with this commercial for Fryst Frozen Foods.
It was a ridiculously fun day out in the Cape Town summer.
I play a small-town tv-reporter covering the Rivertown County Fair and annual macaroni & cheese contest.

Awesome crew, awesome cast, awesome day.
The Director pretty much gave me free reign with the character and allowed me to improvise quite a lot of the scene.
It sounds silly talking about a commercial like it was an award winning performance, but so often when you shoot a commercial it’s all about hitting your mark and holding the product up correctly that it is always a pleasure when they let you actually throw in some performance and create a character.


created on Mar-23-2009
Product: Fryst – Macaroni & Cheese
Title: “Rivertown County Fair”

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