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The folks over at The Popverse seem to think so. And who am I to argue.

The Ship's cook, Joe Vaz, attempts to run away with map to treasure.

Where Treasure Island is about adventure and ghosts of the past, Black Sails is instead about survival and power and freedom from imperialism. It’s about politics and the power of stories and legends. In other words, it’s what you wanted Game of Thrones to be, a perfectly plotted show full of changing alliances, betrayal, and a scramble for power.

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Cineverse has acquired all North American rights to the reboot of the 1987 horror-comedy “Street Trash.” The reboot of the cult classic is helmed by “Fried Barry” director Ryan Kruger.

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Good Life – Trailer

created on Feb-24-2022
Production: Good Life
Director: Bonnie Rodini

Watch Now – Netflix

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“You don’t have to be a Pratchett fan to enjoy the show. But if you are a Pratchett fan, if you give it a chance, you will see 1,000 things in there that are entirely consistent with the spirit and tone of the books that you love so much. ” – Simon Allen, showrunner.

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The Watch – Trailer

created on Dec-29-2020
Production: The Watch
Director: Craig Viveiros, Brian Kelly, Emma Sullivan

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