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Jamillah & Aladdin Premieres on CBBC

created on Dec-11-2015


Jamillah & Aladdin is on CBBC, Sunday mornings at 8:45.
Catch-up on missed episodes with CBBC iPlayer –

The series is Executive Produced by Anne Brogan and Produced by Emma Stuart.
Episodes 1 and 2 were written by Kathy Waugh and Directed by Rebecca Rycroft

From the Radio Times
Jamillah’s story begins when she discovers a dusty old lamp in her attic, makes a wish and yes, you’ve guessed it, a genie appears. She lives in modern London but her fun-loving genie whisks her off to ancient Baghdad where she meets Aladdin – then the adventures begin. The series opens with a double bill that involves, meeting Aladdin, squashing his eggs and trying to get him out of jail.

And from The Independent:
A new series based on the classic Arabian Nights story will air on Cbeebies and CBBC this weekend. It’s just the sort of diverse, positive series children need.